Marq Spekt & Kno-Machete Vision … OUT NOW

This is exactly the reason we started this blog…A step to building a more encompassing media outlet created and run by hip hop heads…So what if Funkmaster Flex doesn’t know about this release…move on, we do, and we are the ones to put others onto the real…We don’t have to wait for the blessing of some industry talking head who only waxes lyrical once he cashes a cheque…

My man Marq Spekt is one of the rare few who would take responsibility of his own creation and run to the finish line with it, CONSISTENTLY…

Machete Vision is another piece of ill weaponry in the arsenal, put together with thought, passion, and integrity.

Kno provides the beats on some next shit, the right canvas for Spekt to do what he does best, demolish emcees, yeah we still on that…Isn’t that what hip hop is about….Bragaddocio…I’m nicer than these other suckas….Hells yeah…Listening to Machete Vision is a wake up call for hip hop, str8 up, lace up your boots, lets go type music…Always entertaining and inspiring to hear Marq Spekt…Promoters, you need to come in NOW, cuz this cat right here is here to stay, peep the catalog in case you don’t know..

The co signs on here are not necessary for Spekt, but they certainly give an insight into the trust and a field of integrity and respect for Marq Spekt as an artist….. Action Bronson, Mayhem Lauren, Capone, and Kno lacing the whole ep with bangin ass beats…

Don’t slip, go cop that Machete Vision…Real hip hop the way we need it to be…..

Twitter: @marqspekt

Twitter @kno


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